Survey results suggest that over 45 percent of US housing, or approximately 44 million homes have carpets with dust mites.  This study suggests that a large number of US homes contain dust mite allergen levels which pose a significant risk for the development of allergies and asthma. Thanks to our unique cleaning process, you can trust us to clean and care for your carpets, thus to care for the health of your family and help reduce the dust mite allergen levels in your home. Our cleaning solution contains only safe, non-toxic and highly effective ingredients.
We recommend the hot water extraction cleaning method as the most effective way to completely clean your carpets.  Proper Cleaning involves professional judgment as well as the use of several different cleaning techniques which we offer to ensure your satisfaction with the best results. In order to protect your carpet investment, regular carpet care, carpet stain removal, a good functioning vacuum cleaner, and regular carpet cleaning extend the life of your carpet.

We clean your carpet down to the base of the fiber. Clinical tests prove that carpet cleaning reduces the level of microorganisms in carpeting an average 92.5%. These tests compared the before and after cleaning levels of present bacteria, yeast and mold. No harsh chemicals are used in the Cleaning process. The key to effectiveness is the use of highly heated water solution that is applied to carpets and fabrics and then efficiently removed. This guarantees that no residual chemicals are left in your carpeting

Carpet Cleaning
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